About Us - Overview

Liquidity for the financing of projects has become more difficult to obtain over the last several years due to the effects that started with the banking crisis of 2008, which continues to this day. This has altered financial lending policies at all lending banks resulting in wide reductions of funding capital and a general scarcity of liquidity.

Additionally, the alternative funding markets, which include angel investors, venture capitalists, and custom or specialized investment funds have become more and more restricted. Large funds control a majority of ownership stakes in various projects. In most circumstances the liquidity is just not available within the marketplace. These tough and brutal challenges combined with new lending regulations have created a long and stressful process for those seeking project funding.

BAMCO Resources has created a new approach, using the current limitations to present funding opportunities in today’s markets using existing platforms. BAMCO Resources functions as a trail blazer, expanding beyond traditional industry customs and enlarging its customer segments by non-traditional processes. Insurance, Surety Bonds, Monetization, Loans, and even Funding ROI Generators are very common in all markets; however, the way each component is utilized and or enhanced creates the unique Structure of BAMCO Resources.

The BAMCO Resources Structure is specific to a Market with the flexibility to encompass any and all projects within the specific Market. Each project then gets streamlined within the Market to match the Structure. The methodology flows from the Market through the Structure to the Project.

The mechanics of the BAMCO Resources Structure assures our current and future clients that it
• successfully secures project funding,
• completely protects the underlying asset,
• reduces market fluctuations and
• avoids the overall funding risk to its best ability.

Meet the Team - BAMCO Resources Inc.

Meet the Team - Mining Division

BAMCO Resources Inc. Mining Division continues to expand the services that we offer to our clients. Through our recent partnering with Resources Mining Technologies (RMT), extensive experience in the gold processing sedimentation and processing fields affords our clients the confidence to deal with a company fully accomplished in the functionality, applicability and support of the equipment and engineering services offered. RMT is a process engineering firm that specializes in the design, construction, commissioning and operation of modular processing plants. An integral part of the BAMCO Resources Inc. services we also offer the execution of feasibility studies and provision of world-class project management services to ensure we offer the appropriate modular processing plant as part of our solution. In addition, we bring a wealth of metallurgical and process engineering skills to provide implementable and sustainable solutions to mine owners.